Student Ministries

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Student Ministry

We understand that students are faced with all kinds of challenges throughout their teenage years and on into college. In order to help them live the life God intended, we want to challenge them to connect through Christ-centered relationships, grow in the way of Christ, and serve as Christ served.

What's with the ECHO name?

ECHO STUDENTS is designed specifically for students in grades 6-12. We offer various types of programs, small groups, outreach events, retreats, and camps throughout the year. The significance behind the name "ECHO STUDENTS" is that we want to "ECHO" all that God is to the world around us. Like an ECHO, we want to simply repeat in word and deed all the ways of Jesus that we read about in the Bible. We're not the origin, we're the repetition. He's the image, we're the reflection. He's the action, we're the imitation. He's the sound, we are the ECHO - Ephesians 5:1-2.

Meet our Student Pastor Dan Robb