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Back Yard Bible Clubs

July 8-11, 2024

BYBC 2023 Recap

Back Yard Bible Clubs

Back Yard Bible Club (BYBC) is a missions-based outreach open to all ECHO Students. BYBC’s overall goal is to prepare ECHO Students to share the saving grace of Jesus. They travel to host homes in our community to share the gospel and what Jesus has done to save us. Teams are made up of students’ 7th-12th grade. They play games, perform skits, tell stories, lead crafts, worship and present the Gospel in a way that kids (K-5th grade) can understand. We would love to see you and your family this summer!


When: July 8-11, 2024 (Monday-Thursday)

Where: Georgetown and Jarell


Hill Country Bible Church, Georgetown: 9-11am

Cypreess Creek @ River Bend Apartment Homes: 6-8pm

Georgetown Rec Center/Park: 6-8pm

439 Champions Drive, Georgetown: 6-8pm

102 Dogwood Drive, Georgetown: 6-8pm

213 Moulins Lane, Georgetown: 6-8pm

4500 Woodstock Drive, Georgetown: 6-8pm

324 Peace Pipe Way, Georgetown: 6-8pm

100 Eagle Pass Trail, Georgetown: 6-8pm

117 Igneous Lane, Jarrell: 6-8pm

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For more information please contact our Student Ministries