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On Campus

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Sunday Morning Service:

  • One service at 9:30 AM at our Georgetown Campus. No reservation needed.

  • Sun City campus is closed until further notice.

  • Masks are recommended when entering, exiting and walking about the building, and can be removed at your chair during the service.  However, if you choose not to wear a mask, we respect that as your prerogative. 

  • Children’s Ministries is now available. However, reservations are required. Visit Kids Ministry On-Campus for more information.

  • There is no occupancy limit for worship services, so all of our chairs will be set up in the worship center. However, if possible, put some space between your own family/party and others. 

  • We will not be policing individual’s behavior.

  • If you’re not comfortable with other people hugging, shaking hands, removing masks, or any of the above guidelines, please continue to enjoy Hill Country online or a Hill Country at Home group.

Youth Ministry Activities:

  • All youth ministry activities will now follow the same guidelines as those for our Sunday Morning Service (see above).

Sunday Morning Children’s Ministry: