The Great Tamale Project

Mmmmm. Tamales.

DECEMBER 2021 Piedras Negras, Mexico

We are prayerfully determined to serve those in need South of the border, and share the life changing reality of Jesus this Christmas.  

This year - our 16th - we will again provide to our partner churches and over 20 various ministries with the tamale supplies for them to deliver to those most in need in Piedras Negras and surrounding communities.  In addition, we will help them with basic needs like diapers, cleaning supplies, Bibles, medicines, and toiletries.  

Each December, the tamales we send are used to celebrate the true meaning of Christmas, encourage family time, can be sold for a profit, and are a culturally significant, special holiday meal. 

Here is how you can be a part of this mission:

Pray for those we serve in Mexico

Donate $25 or more for a tamale basket

Donate socks for our work in the prison ministry

Donate toiletry items for orphanages and rehabilitation centers

Donate blankets for the elderly and children (no bulky comforters please)

Help us spread the word 

Through your generous donations we will purchase bulk ingredients for our lofty goal of creating 1500 baskets of tamales - that's 216,000 tamales if you're counting. Then, a small group will deliver the supplies to the 20 church ministries we support, who will assemble and distribute the tamale baskets in their communities. In addition, the items collected will also be delivered at this time.

By December 15th, donate by visiting HRS True Hope - our giving partner. For every $25, a family in Piedras Negras will receive a basket with enough ingredients for 12 dozen tamales.  Then, December 17-20, we plan to serve alongside our Mexican brothers and sisters in Christ.

For now, please PRAY and GIVE until it's time to GO.

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