Bible Diving

Fall Bible Study

It's time to dive deeper.

The Bible is like the ocean. We can stand on the shore, dip our toes in and experience great things at that surface level. But if we’re willing to dive in and explore beneath the surface to the depths, we’ll find all sorts of treasures, currents, and beauty that we can bring back to our lives and apply. There’s far more to the ocean than what we can see from the beach. In the same way, there’s far more that God reveals to us in His Word than we can understand at the surface. To dive into these levels of God’s Word, we’ll need some “diving gear” (tools and techniques), training from a guide (teaching), and practice. All of these are easily available in our day and age if we’re willing to take the time. Bible Diving is the practice of fostering curiosity about what’s beneath the surface of our Bible translations, to go as deep into the context of where God chooses to reveal Himself and hear His voice for ourselves. In this, we intentionally leave our modern Western world behind to explore the world of the Biblical authors, and then bring back the treasures we find into our daily lives. Kat Cannon, local author and Bible teacher will be our guide on this Bible Diving adventure!

Date: Tuesdays (7:00-8:30pm) and Wednesdays (9:30-11:00am) starting September 12th/13th

Location: HCBCGT Auditorium

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